Sunday, May 13, 2018

How to Login; Check and Update NYSC Profile

If you are a National Youth Services Corps NYSC Member and want to login, Check or Update your NYSC profile, and you don’t understand how to go about Updating the profile or login; or among the pubic that are asking lots of questions about nysc profile login steps, so they can access info on their dashboard in nysc portal.
Then follow the procedure below, but before we go straightforward in the talk of the day, let answer the question what is nysc profile.

What is NYSC Profile?

NYSC Profile is a user account on NYSC Registration portal, it contain data of a given prospective Corper who choose to enroll for the exercise.

Prospective Corps Memeber who decline to create an Account on the NYSC Portal will not be able to complete his/her On-line Mobilization exercise and won’t be eligible to participate in the National Youth Service Corps Scheme for 1 One Calendar Year.

Below are all of the data that can be accessed when you login to your Profile Dashboard:
Editing or Correction of Course.
Checking and Printing of NYSC Green Card.
Checking and Printing of NYSC CallUp Letter.
Checking and Printing of NYSC Primary Place of Assignment,
Application for Relocation or redeployment
Application for the Correction or Update of Names.
Uploading/Updating of Prove of Marriage Document.

NYSC Profile Login | How to Check, Update NYSC Profile Account

1. Firstly, on your mobile or desktop browser, visit the url .
2. Enter Your Username which is your email address and Password.
3. Click on the “Resume” button to login and you will be redirected to your dashboard where you can see, access or update all the features available to your account.

image of nysc profile dashboard full time graduate
full time dash board

image of nysc profile dashboard part time graduate
part time dash board

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