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How to Recover Lost Jamb Profile Code; Jamb epin - Problem Solved

Have you lost your jamb profile code and epin for this current year, In this post I will mention the step you need to follow on how to recover your Lost JAMB Profile Code and Jamb epin, without visiting any Computer Base Test (CBT) Centre, Zonal or Head office.

how to recover lost jamb profile code

How to Recover Lost Jamb Profile Code

To recover your jamb profile code, what you need to do, is to type and send "RESEND" in SMS format to the jamb short code "55019"  with the phone number you used during profile registration.
The code will be re-send to you at a service charge of N50 as at the year 2018
Content of Message. "RESEND"
Receiver Number  "55019"
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How to Recover Lost Jamb epin

Here is a very simple guide on how to recover jamb E-pin if it is misplace or get lost.
from your mobile or desktop browser visit this link below.
Then select the option Retrieve Pin
Type in your profile code.
Click on Get Detail.

Sunday, May 20, 2018


What is jamb regularization about?

The purpose of regularization is to ensure that JAMB has your current admission detail that tally with the school that offered you admission.

Who are to Regularize?

Type A
Fresh Application - Those with JAMB Reg. Nos.
Candidates who gain admission with jamb registration number but does not have Jamb admission letter.

Type B.
Change of Admission Letter - Those with JAMB Reg Nos
Candidates who gain admission with jamb registration number, but the Admission letter carry a different course or institution name from the school that gave them admission.

Type C
Late Application - Those without JAMB Reg No
Candidate who gain admission without Jamb registration number or his/her mode of admission does not required jamb registration number. Example Pre-degree

Other reasons are state below:
  1. I did not take Jamb form
  2. I did not have Jamb Registration Number
  3. I was transferred into another course within the same institution
  4. My score was below cut-off
  5. I was offered admission in another Institution
  6. I did Remedial Programme
  7. I transferred from another Institution
  8. I did Part-Time
  9. I did Sandwich
  10. I attended Open University
  11. Others (Example. I Did Jamb, I Was Offered Admission, But I did not have Jamb Admission Letter )

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I have be trying to register for this new jamb regularization, but find it difficult, have you register any candidate successfully
Answer: Yes

Can I use my phone to do the jamb regularization online?
Answer:  To the best of my knowledge, it is not too okay to process form online using phone. If you have access to desktop with internet facility, it gives you a better view of the form.

Note: As any mistake you make cannot be corrected, as the stages involve in the registration exercise does not give room for one to preview what he/she had filled before final submission. Once you click on submit, that is the final submission.

Can I come and meet you and get it done that same day and how long does the processing take.
Answer. Yes, the processing of the form takes a maximum of 30min from start to finished, provided all the needed information are correct and available.

What is the official amount of this new jamb regularization fee?
Answer: The official amount is N10,000.00

How much fee do you charge for the online processing.
Answer: I charge N1500 for the online processing and printing out of the indemnity form.

is the payment through the use of Scratch Card
Answer: No

What is their mode of payment or how is the payment made?
Answer: Payment is done online through the use of ATM Card.

Is thumb print needed during the jamb regularization exercise?
Answer. No. thumb print is not needed.

Can registration be done in the absence of someone/by proxy.
Answer: Yes currently, as long as the said person gives you his/her right information and passport.
Mind you, the information you supplied is what you will see on the final print out document.

During the jamb regularization registration, I made a mistake can it be corrected?
Answer: No. if an error was observed after final submission, it cannot be undo. The only solution to it, is to create a new profile and make a new payment of N10,000

What are the jamb regularization details or information needed to register one successful?

Answer: click here information needed to register one for the new jamb regularization process

Read also.  How to Create Profile for Jamb Regularization

Is there any Jamb regularization software or plugin used for the processing of the form?
Answer: No, all registration is carried out on jamb regularization page or site

Have you be able to process any successfully
Answer: Yes. below are the procedure i follow.

When I try to  create my regularization profile account online, i got this message show below.
"you cannot create account at this time". Please any solution to it?

jamb regularization profile creation

Creation of account or profile has be disable online. henceforth only CBT Centre can be able to create profile for regularization.

Can you help me, and what are the information needed to create profile

Yes, i can help you chat me up on whatsapp 08051311885

After the creation of the profile can I be able to login and continue the filling and submission of the form at my end.


How to Apply for NYSC and Direct Entry Regularization - Step by Step Approach

for you to be able to login, you must have created your regularization profile or account

1. Visit the jamb regularization portal
2. Type in your jamb regularization login profile details (email address and password) and click on log in
3. On the Dashboard, click on Late Application (Regularization)
4. Select your Preferred Late Application type
a. Fresh Application - Those with JAMB Reg. Nos.
b. Change of Admission Letter - Those with JAMB Reg Nos
c. Late Application - Those without JAMB Reg No

jamb regularization dashboard nysc direct entry

5. Next Page will asked if you purchase jamb form for that said Academic Year

6. Select the given year you want to regularized for and click on Yes or No to continue

jamb regularization late application payment

Preliminary Application Details
7. To make payment, click on --->> continue to make payment -->> Pay Now

8. Enter your payment detail, Select your Preferred Payment mode, and submit to complete your payment.

10 - 12:  Fill in your information

10. Personal Information Detail
Jamb regularization registration number

11. Institution Details
jamb-regularization-nysc-direct entry

12. UTME Examination Details
jamb regularization admission letter

13. Olevel Subjects/Grade Detail

What are the documents to print out, after completion of the online form?
Answer: The name of the only document to be printed out is refer to as indemnity form. It contains all the information you have supplied during the filling of the form online.

Note: The document should be printed out in colour, showing the background of jamb logo.


After completion of the jamb regularization process online, will I get the jamb registration number immediately?
Answer: No. it takes two to three weeks for jamb to approve your application, only then can the registration number be sent to you.

What does it entail for jamb to approved the processing of the indemnity form
Answer: first the indemnity form has to be printed out in colour and submitted to your institution for signing and stamping by your head of institution.
Lastly, you institution will have to forward the document to jamb for official processing.

Note. No indemnity form will be accepted unless the head of institution had previous given his/her signature personally to jamb registrar.

How will the jamb regularized registration number be sent to me if all due process are followed?
Answer:  They will send it to either your email address or phone number you supplied during the registration process.

When is jamb regularization closing or is there any deadline
Answer: for the now, it has no closing date, it is a continuous process.

Which other services do you render?
Answer: Retrieve of jamb registration number, nysc online processing, jamb reg number regularization, and admission letter printing.

Are you for real, if yes, how can i meet you in person for the online processing?
Yes i am for real, to check if my office exists, you can come yourself, better or alternatively send someone who live in Delta State to do that for you.

For those who reside far, and what me to help you out, call or whatsapp me, on how i can be of help to you. 08051311885

How to meet me

Click here for a basic graphical direction on how to meet me or

From Effurun Roundabout or PTI Roundabout

Enter a Bus going to Enerhen Junction fee is N80>from Enerhen Junction enter a Taxi going to Estate fee is N50. tell the driver to stop you at Cinema Junction by Ejemudarho Street, fee is N50, when you are there, ask of Easco Table Water building or call me.

From Enerhen Junction (Bob Izua Park @ Enerhen)
Enter a Keke-napep or Taxi going to Estate, tell the driver to stop you at Cinema Junction by Ejemudarho Street, fee is N50, when you are there, ask of Fasco Table Water building or call me.

From Airport Junction
Enter a Keke-napepe or Taxi going to Estate fee is between N50-N100 > from Estate, enter a Keke-napepe going to Robinson Plaza or Deco tell the driver to stop you at Cinema Junction by Ejemudarho Street, fee is N30, when you are there, ask of Fasco Table Water building or call me.

From Ekpan Junction
Enter a Keke-napepe or Taxi going to Estate fee is between N50 > from Estate, enter a Keke-napepe going to Robinson Plaza or Deco tell the driver to stop you at Cinema Junction by Ejemudarho Street, fee is N30, when you are there, ask of Fasco Table Water building or call me.

From Deco Junction (Agofure Park or Uduanghan Park @ Deco)

Enter a Keke-napep or Taxi going to Estate, tell the driver to stop you at Cinema Junction by Ejemudarho Street, fee is N40, when you are there, ask of Fasco Table Water building or call me.
From Ozoro, Ughelli, Abraka, Oleh, Sapele, Udu, Asaba e.t.c
Enter uduanghan motor that will stop you at their park at Deco, then follow the description above

St Charles Educational Service,
6 Ejemudarho Street (situated at the Up-Stare of Fasco Table Water Building)
Opposite Okere Urhobo Kingdom Palace,
Close to Cinema Junction,
Warri, Delta State.
Whatsapp/mobile: 08051311885

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6 Ways How to Check Police Exam Centre, Date and Time - Police Service Commission

The Procedures on how to check Police Exam Centre details such as Venue, Date and Time for the Police Service Commission Examination will be discussed in details below.
Police Service Commission extermination slip

Dear applicants, We hope most of you have gotten your invitation letter to write CBT Exams but it's not about to write it alone but to pass it is the issue. Study English, Maths & Current Affairs (General Papers) very well, be accuracy but meticulous in picking your answer. 
To get the police recruitment past question call or chat me up on 08051311885

Many Candidates has been so worried to know if Police Service Commission Has started sending Exam date and Center for the Main examination which will be talking place Friday, May 25, 2018 from 07:00AM Nigeria Time.

For the purpose of our brother and sister who apply for the recent police recruitement that were shortlisted for the exam, kindly follow the procedure listed below to check your name to know your exam centre and number and remaining information needed also make the print out while going for the exams please.
how to check your police exam centre

How To Check And Print Police Exam Centre, Date And Time

There are Six 6 methods in which candidates can use and check or access their Police Exam Date and Center:

Method 1: By Visiting JAMB Portal
• This is one of the best method to check Police Exam Centre, Date and Time you are writing.
It requires any of the following to be able to check the police examination centre
Applicant Registration Number, gsm number or email address .
With this method, you don’t have to stay on hold for any email address from Police Service Commission to be able to know your Exam Information.

Step on How to Check Police Exam Centre on Jamb Portal

Visit the link below
- Type in either your email, phone number or the code generated for you by Jamb
- Click on Print Examination Slip
- Print a copy of it and bring it to the centre.
how to print police exam centre

Method 2: By visiting Police Service Commission Portal

For the comprehensive list of successful candidates per state for the CBT,  applicant are to visit this link  Police Service Commission Portal
How to Check Police Exam Centre on Police Portal
Visit the link below,
Search for your state, click on the State link to download. File is in pdf format
All Candidates whose name appear in the list are invited for the Constable Recruitment Exams. Kindly Ensure to Come on the date and time specified alongside your name.
Police Service Commission

Method 3: By Checking Your Registered Email Address
As an Option, Applicant are to login to the Email address that appear on their registration photocard after capture by jamb official.
Look for an email message from JAMB or Police Service Commission containing Exam Date and Center.
They are to Download and Print out the PDF File sent to them and Come with it on the day of their Examination.

Method 4.
Text on Your Register Phone Number

Method 5.
Applicant can Visit Police Command State Headquarters in at their state of Origin

Method 6
Applicant can visit Jamb Office in each State of Federation to check for their exam centre and date.

Also Note that:
(1) The examination centres have CCTV coverage.
(2) You are allowed to come into the examination hall with pencil and rough work sheets.
(3) All rough work sheets must be submitted at the end of the examination.
(4) Candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination hall with electronic devices such as telephones, wristwatches, spy eye glasses. Cameras etc

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How to Login; Check and Update NYSC Profile

If you are a National Youth Services Corps NYSC Member and want to login, Check or Update your NYSC profile, and you don’t understand how to go about Updating the profile or login; or among the pubic that are asking lots of questions about nysc profile login steps, so they can access info on their dashboard in nysc portal.
Then follow the procedure below, but before we go straightforward in the talk of the day, let answer the question what is nysc profile.

What is NYSC Profile?

NYSC Profile is a user account on NYSC Registration portal, it contain data of a given prospective Corper who choose to enroll for the exercise.

Prospective Corps Memeber who decline to create an Account on the NYSC Portal will not be able to complete his/her On-line Mobilization exercise and won’t be eligible to participate in the National Youth Service Corps Scheme for 1 One Calendar Year.

Below are all of the data that can be accessed when you login to your Profile Dashboard:
Editing or Correction of Course.
Checking and Printing of NYSC Green Card.
Checking and Printing of NYSC CallUp Letter.
Checking and Printing of NYSC Primary Place of Assignment,
Application for Relocation or redeployment
Application for the Correction or Update of Names.
Uploading/Updating of Prove of Marriage Document.

NYSC Profile Login | How to Check, Update NYSC Profile Account

1. Firstly, on your mobile or desktop browser, visit the url .
2. Enter Your Username which is your email address and Password.
3. Click on the “Resume” button to login and you will be redirected to your dashboard where you can see, access or update all the features available to your account.

image of nysc profile dashboard full time graduate
full time dash board

image of nysc profile dashboard part time graduate
part time dash board

Friday, May 11, 2018

Image of Nysc Call-Up Letter Sample | What is NYSC-Call up Letter?

Considerable amount of online reader have asked us what Image of NYSC Call-Up Letter  looks like. The more fascinating part are messages from online reader abroad asking for Nysc Call-Up letter Sample. Perhaps someone has submitted a nysc call up letter somewhere and they want to verify what it actually looks like. Who knows?

What is NYSC-Call up Letter?

NYSC Call-up Letter is simply a print out document from nysc portal, used to confirm that one is eligible to participate in the National Youth Service Corps Scheme for One Calendar Year.

Here Is What Image of Nysc Call Up letter Sample Looks like

For the sake of answering this question, Here is an Image in png format of NYSC Call Up letter. A quick entry on Google will bring out a lot of results in Google Images.

Please Note:
i. It is an offence to serve more than once in the NYSC scheme.
ii. Prospective corps members are prohibited from bringing automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles etc. to camp.
iii. That your one year of continuous national service begins from the date you report for service at the orientation camp.
iv. Prospective corps members are reminded that national service is about service to the fatherland; therefore they need to accept their deployment to any state in good faith. However, relocation is granted only to married women, to enable them join their husbands, and those with life threatening ailments.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How to Generate Remita RRR Code for Jamb Change of Course or Institution form

This post is written to highlight the step one to need to do online on how to generate remita rrr code for jamb change of course as well as utme data correction.
The Joint Admissions And Matriculation Board (JAMB) wishes to inform the General public especially all 2018 UTME candidates that the Change of Course or Institution form application portal has been enable.
Candidates who wish to switch their University Choice or institution ahead of the 2018/2019 Post-UTME Admission Screening Exercise can now take interest of this chance to change to another institution or course.

Before you continue for the Jamb change of course or Institution

Confirm the following:-
- Be certain of the Course or School you would like to changes to.
- find out if the school is offering the course using the JAMB Brochure.
- Find out if the school cut off make is above or below your jamb score
- Ensure the course you want to change to is inline with the jamb subjects combination to avoid be screen out during admission process or selection.
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How much is jamb change of course or Institution for 2018

Candidates who want to make a JAMB change of course or institution/university must note that there is a price tag.
JAMB change of Course/Institution is one time N2,500 for all correction.
So candidates who want to make a change of  their course or institution should expect the amount to be around N2,500.

How to Generate Remita rrr Code for UTME Data Correction

Note. This process state below can also be used to generate remita rrr code for the following.
Names Correction (Correction can only be done once)
Passport Photograph Correction (Correction can only be done once)
Gender Correction (Correction can only be done once)
UTME Subjects Correction (Correction can only be done once)
State/LGA Correction (Correction can only be done once)
Profile Correction (Correction can only be done once)
Choice of Institution/Course Correction (Correction can only be done twice with separate payments)


Step to Generate rrr Code for JAMB Change of Course form

1. In your web browser address, visit the link
2. Type in your jamb user name (the email address used in creating your profile) and password; then click on login.
how to generate rrr number

3. Click on Registration.

4. Click on UTME Data Correction.
how to generate remita for jamb
5. Click on Make New Payment.

6. Click Continue to Payment.

7. Click Pay Now to make payment online; or Click on Print to make a hard copy of it.
remita for change of institution

8. Take the printed copy to any Commercial bank for remita payment.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

How to Check NYSC Call Up Letter - The Right Way

Welcome!, In this tutorial, I will show you how will be able to check nysc call up letter or reprint it, if by one means or the other you misplace the first call up letter printed out for you.

NYSC Call Up Letter Checking Requirement

The email address and password used for the creation of nysc profile creation
Software/App: PDF Reader to view the nysc call up letter after downloading.

How to Check NYSC Call Up Letter

1. Visit the nysc portal and click on login.
2. On the login portal page, type in the correct email address and password you used to signup during nysc registration.
3. Click on the resume botton to initiate login.
4. Scroll down and click on the green button "Print Call Up Letter"
How to Check NYSC Call Up Letter
5. Wait for the pdf file to load, download and view it using pdf reader.
Images for nysc call up letter sample
6. Print a copy of it in colour.
7. Click on logout when done.

Thing to note after you have check or print out your nysc call up letter.

Ensure you print your green card slip, sign it and bring it to camp. It is compulsory for registration in camp.
You must NOT wear anything that can impede the capture of your fingerprints in camp e.g Laali ink etc.

i. Persons who studied In Nigeria should bring To camp: Degree HND Certificates Or Statement Of Results, Personal
Identity Card from Institution of graduation.
i. Foreign graduates should bring For verification, original copies Of ALL their uploaded credentials And travel documents including International passport.
ii. Foreign graduates are To ensure that academic paper(s) In Languages other than English must be translated into English accordingly; both versions must be presented For verification at the camp.
iii. Medical/veterinary Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Physiotherapists Nurses And Public Environmental Health graduates should bring their professional licenses Or certificates Of full registration issued by their professional bodies.
Note : Above Is for your information And necessary action.

Images for nysc call up letter sample

Images for nysc call up letter sample

Searched Terms
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