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11 Questions on IN DEPENDENCE - Jamb 2017 Literature Text book

Question and Answer on IN DEPENDENCE – Jamb Literature Text Book For 2017

1.            Why do you think the novel was entitled In Dependence?
2.            Tayo is a scholarship boy. What are the details that inform us that his family, friends and teachers are very proud of his achievements?
3.            Tayo leaves Nigeria at a moment of great optimism following the country's independence, as you read the book, compare Tayo's trajectory with that of his country.
1.            What are Tayo's impressions of Oxford upon arrival? What are the striking differences between his home, his country and this old city and university? What, if any, are the similarities.
2.            The novel is set in the sixties. What do we learn about his era, both in England in and in Nigeria?
3.            The novel begins in 1963, three years after Nigeria achieved its independence, politics is very much in the air: how does Tayo engage with Nigerian politics when he is at Oxford?
4.            8. Ike says,'... independence came far too early' (p.29) What do you think leads him to this opinion?
5.            9. Compare and contrast the characters of Christine, Vanessa and Miriam.
6.            11. Race is often seen as the main stumbling block in developing
7.            Compare and contrast Tayo's attitude towards Nigeria, his home, his family, his culture, and the politics of the country before he leaves for Oxford, and after he returns. How do you account for any differences?
8.            To what extent does being an outsider allow a person unique insights into a culture?' (p. 206) Consider's Vanessa's views as a journalist writing about Africa, what informs her values?
9.            16. Travel can open's one's mind, make one less judgemental, or it can do the reverse. Who do you think is the most broadminded character in the novel? Explain your answer with reference to the
10.          17. Sarah Manyika uses letters to move the story forward, but what else does the epistolary style achieve? Supplement your an- swer with examples from the text.
10.          17. Sarah Manyika uses letters to move the story forward, but what else does the epistolary style achieve? Supplement your an- swer with examples from the text.
11.          It is said of Tayo, 'If he had followed his heart, and not his head, he would have chosen differently.' (p.221) How true is this? Give reasons for your argument.

In Dependence - Official Literature for 2017 Jamb CBT Examination



Genre: Teen Fiction
ISBN: 97897848943-4-0
No of Pages: 170 Size: 130 x 198 mm
First Published by Legend Press 2008
Cassava Republic Press Edition 2009
Special Edition Published by: Cassava Republic


Sarah LadipoManyika was raised in Nigeria and has lived in Kenya, France and England. She holds a Ph.D from the University of California, Berkeley, and teaches Literature at San Franscisco State University. Her writing includes essay, academic paper, reviews and short stories. In Dependence is her first novel and her most recent novel is, like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun. Sarah sits on the boards of Hedgebrook and San Francisco's Museum of the African Diaspora.

A Brief Over view

In 1963, Tayo Ajayi sails to England from Nigeria to take up a scholarship at Oxford University. Amidst the dreaming spires, he discovers a generation high on visions of a new and better world. Everywhere is ablaze with change: independence movements at home, the Civil Rights movement across the Atlantic, and in Europe, tremors of countercultural and sexual revolutions.
It is then that Tayo meets Vanessa Richardson, the beautiful daughter of an ex-colonial officer.
In Dependence is Tayo and Vanessa's story of a brave but bittersweet love affair. Spanning three continents and four turbulent decades, it is the story of two people struggling to find themselves and each other - a story of passion and idealism, courage and betrayal, and the universal desire to fall, madly, deeply, in love.

in dependence - jamb literature text book 2017

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2017 JAMB/DE Profile: How to Create; Login; Update; Reset and Change Password [Photo]


Starting from 2017, prospective JAMB/DE candidate are required to create a personal profile that will give them the access to register for jamb, print jamb result and check admission status plus other yet to be resealed services.

Requirement: Valid email address and Phone number.
Note: Creation of jamb or direct entry profile is free.

Below are detail step you need to follow to create your jamb or direct entry profile.

1. Account Creation Link
a. visit this link.
b. Click on the create an account button to initiate the process.

2. Sign up (e-Mail Verification) Page
Note: You are advised to create an account with a valid email address because all vital information will be sent to the email you supplied.
On the page:-
a. Type in your valid email address
b. Confirm your email address by retyping it
c. Select your security question
d. Type in your Security question answer.
e. Confirm your security question answer by retyping it.
f. Click on the Verify e-Mail button to proceed.


3. A message will be sent to your email address containing a link.
Log into your email account and click on the link < Click Here To Continue Your Profile Creation >


4. Sign Up (New user) Page
a. On the next page that shows up, type in your personal details in the field provided, when done click on, the signup button.


b. If successful you will get this message "Your Account Creation Was Successful. Proceed To Login" Click on the button proceed to login.

5. How to Recover/Reset Forgotten Password.
This function is used when you cannot recall the password you used in the signup process.
To change or get it back
a. Visit this link
b. Type in your email address; date of birth and click on the get password reset link button.


A message will show below
Password Reset Link has been sent to (your email). Please check your mail to change your password.


c. Log into your email account and click on the link < Reset My Password >


d. Type in a new password you can remember, when done click on the button Change Password.


6. How to Change Password.
If you can recall your password and you want to change the password to a different one, here is the step to follow
a. log into your account.
b. click on my profile
c. click on change password

In the field provided
d. Type in your current password.
e. Type in the password you want to change to.
f. When done, click on change password button


7. How to Log into Your Jamb/Utme Account.
To log into your jamb/utme profile account,
a. visit this link.
b. Type in the username (email address) and password you used to sign up, and click on the login button.

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JAMB 2017 UTME Registration To Commence In 2 Weeks

The Registrar of the Joint Admission And Matriculation Board, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede has disclosed that the 2017 UTME registration will commence within the next two weeks.

He further mentioned that the examination itself will be coming up later in May so it won't clash with any SSCE examinations, and help the board check any form of malpractice, especially upgrading of results.

“Normally, we conduct our examinations around March and the results will be ready within two to three days. But when do we need the results? It is always between July and August. This gives room for all forms of suspicion.

“If you go on the net, you will see people claiming that they could help candidates to upgrade their results because the results are lying fallow between March and July”

“Now we want to shorten the period in such a way that the time between the examination and when the results will be used will be very short. There will be no opportunity for anybody to even dream of upgrading results." He stated

He equally stated that the 1.7m candidates figure was last year’s figure and bit the board do not expect less this year. "We expect about 1.5 million candidates for UTME and about 200,000 and 300,000 candidates for Direct Entry. That was how we arrived at the figure and that is the figure we are also expecting."

He further emphasized that the board is not promising a hitch free examination but promised that issues arising will be solved.


The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has released some pre-registration tips for candidates preparing to write the 2017 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) via its Twitter handle @jambhq.


1. Candidates 10 fingers will be captured for biometrics. So get your fingers ready

2. Candidates are expected to have a valid email address.This will be used to create individual profiles on the portal.

3. Candidates Please request to have a personal profile created for you. DO NOT allow the centres to use their profiles for you. You can create your 2017 UTME profile on It is a free service. Don’t be swindled.

4. Candidates will also be required to get their O’Level results ready, as they will be uploading these during the registration.

5. Candidates with awaiting results will be allowed to register as it was being done. They will not be uploading any result.

6. Candidates now have the option of selecting different exam years and exam type when combining their O’Level results.

7. Candidates now have the option of choosing two 1st Degree institution, and any two of ND, NCE or IEI.

8. Candidates can also make their choices to be four IEI or 3 NCE and 1 of ND or Degree.

9. There will be no sales of scratch cards for the registration. Mode of payment will be communicated to you soon.

10. Cyber caf├ęs will not be allowed to render services on behalf of JAMB. So please visit ONLY JAMB accredited centres.

JAMB will provide simplified steps to ease registration to the public soon. This promises to be a seamless exercise.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016



What to do when you see the below message below:

1. When checking your admission status.
You Must Apply for Change of Course/Institution before Printing Your Admission Letter.
The Admission Can be Revoked if the Change is NOT effected online within 2 weeks
You Must Apply for Change of Course/Institution before Printing Your Admission Letter.  The Admission Can be Revoked if the Change is NOT effected online within 2 weeks

2. When printing out your admission letter.
Your course on admission is not the same as your first choice. Kindly apply for change of course/institution before you can print your admission letter.
Your course on admission is not the same as your first choice. Kindly apply for change of course/institution before you can print your admission letter.

Reason behind those messages.
1. If the course you are been admitted to, is not the same with the one you filled in during jamb registration or change of course/ institution exercise.
2. If the school that gave you admission is not among the list of institution you filled in during jamb registration or change of course/institution form exercise
If you fall into any of the two categories stated above, you are requested /expected to regularize it.

How to regularize your jamb admission letter

You must first sign up. Check this post on how to signup

Log into the portal, click on Application for Correction of Data

Select the specified year from the drop down menu, type in your jamb registration number and click on search details


Make payment using your atm card, or to make payment at the bank select pay at the bank.
Click on continue Payment to proceed

Make changes into the specified course / institution that display when you checked you jamb admission status

To make final submission, click on Submit Application

How many times can I use the pin/unit to make changes?
Answer:  Twice

How many times can I used it to make changes to given registration number?
Answer:  Twice

Once I have made changes to twice to a given registration number, and I still want to buy a new pin/unit to make more changes, is it possible?
Answer: No

The purchase pin/unit, can it be used to make changes to both course and institution?
Answer: Yes

I have used one out of the chance left to make changes to a given registration number, can I be able to used the remain chance left to make changes to another registration number?
Answer: No

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NYSC Online Exclusion Letter from Service - Sample Copy

Plot 416, Tigris Crescent, off Aguiyi Irons! street, Maitama, P.M.B 138, Abuja.


1. The above named person with matriculation number xxxxxxx graduated from Delta State University with B ED. in Education/English in the year 2015.

2 However, these categories of graduate, Part-Time have been excluded from participating in the National Youth Service Corps by the Federal Government with effect from 2001.

3 In view of the above, she is hereby issued this letter of Exclusion. I am therefore directed to request you to give her all necessary assistance and recognition.

4. Visit, to verify this document.

5. Thank you.

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