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What is jamb regularization about?

The purpose of regularization is to ensure that JAMB has your current admission detail that tally with the school that offered you admission.

Who are to Regularize?

Type A
Fresh Application - Those with JAMB Reg. Nos.
Candidates who gain admission with jamb registration number but does not have Jamb admission letter.

Type B.
Change of Admission Letter - Those with JAMB Reg Nos
Candidates who gain admission with jamb registration number, but the Admission letter carry a different course or institution name from the school that gave them admission.

Type C
Late Application - Those without JAMB Reg No
Candidate who gain admission without Jamb registration number or his/her mode of admission does not required jamb registration number. Example Pre-degree

Other reasons are state below:
  1. I did not take Jamb form
  2. I did not have Jamb Registration Number
  3. I was transferred into another course within the same institution
  4. My score was below cut-off
  5. I was offered admission in another Institution
  6. I did Remedial Programme
  7. I transferred from another Institution
  8. I did Part-Time
  9. I did Sandwich
  10. I attended Open University
  11. Others (Example. I Did Jamb, I Was Offered Admission, But I did not have Jamb Admission Letter )

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I have be trying to register for this new jamb regularization, but find it difficult, have you register any candidate successfully
Answer: Yes

Can I use my phone to do the jamb regularization online?
Answer:  To the best of my knowledge, it is not too okay to process form online using phone. If you have access to desktop with internet facility, it gives you a better view of the form.

Note: As any mistake you make cannot be corrected, as the stages involve in the registration exercise does not give room for one to preview what he/she had filled before final submission. Once you click on submit, that is the final submission.

Can I come and meet you and get it done that same day and how long does the processing take.
Answer. Yes, the processing of the form takes a maximum of 30min from start to finished, provided all the needed information are correct and available.

What is the official amount of this new jamb regularization fee?
Answer: The official amount is N10,000.00

How much fee do you charge for the online processing.
Answer: I charge N1500 for the online processing and printing out of the indemnity form.

is the payment through the use of Scratch Card
Answer: No

What is their mode of payment or how is the payment made?
Answer: Payment is done online through the use of ATM Card.

Is thumb print needed during the jamb regularization exercise?
Answer. No. thumb print is not needed.

Can registration be done in the absence of someone/by proxy.
Answer: Yes currently, as long as the said person gives you his/her right information and passport.
Mind you, the information you supplied is what you will see on the final print out document.

During the jamb regularization registration, I made a mistake can it be corrected?
Answer: No. if an error was observed after final submission, it cannot be undo. The only solution to it, is to create a new profile and make a new payment of N10,000

What are the jamb regularization details or information needed to register one successful?

Answer: click here information needed to register one for the new jamb regularization process

Read also.  How to Create Profile for Jamb Regularization

Is there any Jamb regularization software or plugin used for the processing of the form?
Answer: No, all registration is carried out on jamb regularization page or site

Have you be able to process any successfully
Answer: Yes. below are the procedure i follow.

When I try to  create my regularization profile account online, i got this message show below.
"you cannot create account at this time". Please any solution to it?

jamb regularization profile creation

Creation of account or profile has be disable online. henceforth only CBT Centre can be able to create profile for regularization.

Can you help me, and what are the information needed to create profile

Yes, i can help you chat me up on whatsapp 08051311885

After the creation of the profile can I be able to login and continue the filling and submission of the form at my end.


How to Apply for NYSC and Direct Entry Regularization - Step by Step Approach

for you to be able to login, you must have created your regularization profile or account

1. Visit the jamb regularization portal
2. Type in your jamb regularization login profile details (email address and password) and click on log in
3. On the Dashboard, click on Late Application (Regularization)
4. Select your Preferred Late Application type
a. Fresh Application - Those with JAMB Reg. Nos.
b. Change of Admission Letter - Those with JAMB Reg Nos
c. Late Application - Those without JAMB Reg No

jamb regularization dashboard nysc direct entry

5. Next Page will asked if you purchase jamb form for that said Academic Year

6. Select the given year you want to regularized for and click on Yes or No to continue

jamb regularization late application payment

Preliminary Application Details
7. To make payment, click on --->> continue to make payment -->> Pay Now

8. Enter your payment detail, Select your Preferred Payment mode, and submit to complete your payment.

10 - 12:  Fill in your information

10. Personal Information Detail
Jamb regularization registration number

11. Institution Details
jamb-regularization-nysc-direct entry

12. UTME Examination Details
jamb regularization admission letter

13. Olevel Subjects/Grade Detail

What are the documents to print out, after completion of the online form?
Answer: The name of the only document to be printed out is refer to as indemnity form. It contains all the information you have supplied during the filling of the form online.

Note: The document should be printed out in colour, showing the background of jamb logo.


After completion of the jamb regularization process online, will I get the jamb registration number immediately?
Answer: No. it takes two to three weeks for jamb to approve your application, only then can the registration number be sent to you.

What does it entail for jamb to approved the processing of the indemnity form
Answer: first the indemnity form has to be printed out in colour and submitted to your institution for signing and stamping by your head of institution.
Lastly, you institution will have to forward the document to jamb for official processing.

Note. No indemnity form will be accepted unless the head of institution had previous given his/her signature personally to jamb registrar.

How will the jamb regularized registration number be sent to me if all due process are followed?
Answer:  They will send it to either your email address or phone number you supplied during the registration process.

When is jamb regularization closing or is there any deadline
Answer: for the now, it has no closing date, it is a continuous process.

Which other services do you render?
Answer: Retrieve of jamb registration number, nysc online processing, jamb reg number regularization, and admission letter printing.

Are you for real, if yes, how can i meet you in person for the online processing?
Yes i am for real, to check if my office exists, you can come yourself, better or alternatively send someone who live in Delta State to do that for you.

For those who reside far, and what me to help you out, call or whatsapp me, on how i can be of help to you. 08051311885

How to meet me

Click here for a basic graphical direction on how to meet me or

From Effurun Roundabout or PTI Roundabout

Enter a Bus going to Enerhen Junction fee is N80>from Enerhen Junction enter a Taxi going to Estate fee is N50. tell the driver to stop you at Cinema Junction by Ejemudarho Street, fee is N50, when you are there, ask of Easco Table Water building or call me.

From Enerhen Junction (Bob Izua Park @ Enerhen)
Enter a Keke-napep or Taxi going to Estate, tell the driver to stop you at Cinema Junction by Ejemudarho Street, fee is N50, when you are there, ask of Fasco Table Water building or call me.

From Airport Junction
Enter a Keke-napepe or Taxi going to Estate fee is between N50-N100 > from Estate, enter a Keke-napepe going to Robinson Plaza or Deco tell the driver to stop you at Cinema Junction by Ejemudarho Street, fee is N30, when you are there, ask of Fasco Table Water building or call me.

From Ekpan Junction
Enter a Keke-napepe or Taxi going to Estate fee is between N50 > from Estate, enter a Keke-napepe going to Robinson Plaza or Deco tell the driver to stop you at Cinema Junction by Ejemudarho Street, fee is N30, when you are there, ask of Fasco Table Water building or call me.

From Deco Junction (Agofure Park or Uduanghan Park @ Deco)

Enter a Keke-napep or Taxi going to Estate, tell the driver to stop you at Cinema Junction by Ejemudarho Street, fee is N40, when you are there, ask of Fasco Table Water building or call me.
From Ozoro, Ughelli, Abraka, Oleh, Sapele, Udu, Asaba e.t.c
Enter uduanghan motor that will stop you at their park at Deco, then follow the description above

St Charles Educational Service,
6 Ejemudarho Street (situated at the Up-Stare of Fasco Table Water Building)
Opposite Okere Urhobo Kingdom Palace,
Close to Cinema Junction,
Warri, Delta State.
Whatsapp/mobile: 08051311885


  1. Thanks for help me out. i am forever grateful for keeping to your words. we need more people like you.

    1. you are welcome, i am just doing my job with honesty

  2. please you stay far away from me, how u can assist me to process it, i dnt wnt any mistake reason i am asking for your help.

    1. you can reach me using the phone number i stated on this post, on how best i can assist you to do the online regularization

  3. i want to print my admission status but dont understand this new process. i already have my jamb number

  4. I av paid 4 d regularization and i hav gotten d reg. Number bt the site hs been changed as at the time I was about validating it. What do i do? Paying anoda money isn't easy

    1. you have no option, you have to pay for another if you wnt it done within a given period, just count your loses. my take on it

  5. A confuse studentAugust 1, 2017 at 2:43 AM

    I have done jamb regularization and they have given me a new jamb reg number from jamb, but when I checked my admission status the will reply no admission given jet or no data found for that academic year. please what should l do

    1. to the best of my knowledge, the regularization processes was not properly done, check my previous post on the old method of jamb regularization. i mention there that after your hv successfully done the regularization process next is to confirm you admission status, and it will show you immediately that you are admitted.

      To answer your question. sorry you have to pay for this new jamb regularization process

  6. Pls can the regularization form be reprinted after submition

  7. Pls have done my jamb regularization but dey have not send me jamb registration number pls what can I do...

  8. Pls have done my jamb regularization but dey have not send me jamb registration number pls what can I do...

    1. i normally advise student to speed up the process, take the printed indemnity form to your school for stamping, retrieve it back and take it to the closest jamb office, instead of waiting for you school to do the process for you, it might cost you time, but that method is fast, back to your question meet the person you gave the stamp regularization and asked the reason why it is being delayed

  9. I tried uploading my passport and it says too large. What should I do.

    1. the size of your passport should not exceed 15kb, make sure the size is between 7kb - 14kb and in jpeg format

  10. I registered for direct entry but I can't get my registration number please help what am I 2 do and am having screening next week

  11. I wish to do jamb regularisation, but during the process 404 error is shown, pls I don't know what to do anymore, help

  12. hello Sir, I also paid a sum of 10,000 naira to jamb for the sake of regularization which was acknowledged but to continue with the process, error 404; 404 - File or directory not found.
    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

    plssssssssssssss what should I do?

    1. i am yet to experience such, chat with me on whatsapp using my phone number to explain more to me

  13. i read online that we will submit the indemnity form to the institution for signing, does it mean i will take the form to where i did my ND or my present school

  14. i read online that we will submit the indemnity form to the institution for signing, does it mean i will take the form to where i did my ND or my present school

    1. @ online, you will take the form to your present/current school, the school you wish to do your hnd, if you have already already bought their form, or you are already schooling there

  15. Sir will full time OND also do regularization if admited?

  16. If u hv no admission letter frm jamb, u will b required to pay for regularization

  17. I was given admission through jamb direct entry, but I have no admission letter from jamb what should I do?

    1. @ curious, if u were offer admission by the school through direct entry and u have no jamb admission letter, to enable u go for nysc you have to regularized. Used the option that say no jamb admission letter to register

  18. Please, Does this Jamb Regularization apply to students who have the wrong Jamb combination which is not in line with the course they put in for.
    For example, doing the combination of english, physics, chemistry, biology in Jamb for a course like mechanical engineering.
    pls i need an answer. Thanks

  19. I was given admission by jamb in 2015 to a polytechnic but i choose the polytechnic as my second choise then. right nw, i want to apply for DE but during registration i was told my registration number is invalid. am i to do regularisation?

  20. Please sir when is deadline for this year's regularisation....... Is it feb 6th or it is a continuous process. And op it won't affect our direct entry application

  21. Please sir i didn't go to the institution jamb offered me but i finished my OND from other institution

  22. Please Sir, I and my colleagues did the regularization since August last year, uptill now we have not rexieved the pins and the NYSC registration is fast approaching. What should we do?

  23. in this post i explain how to fast track it, the best process is to collect your already stamp indemnity form from your school and take it to jamb office closer to you for onward processing

  24. sorry, but i made confirmation from Jamb website and it wasn't stated that those who did change of course should regularize.... or is the info wrong?

  25. pls sir....i noticed after printing the indemnity form dat the person who did the regularisation did nt include my old jamb number nd used did not take jamb form as the reason for not being on jamb list......pls,will this affect me

  26. pls old jamb registration number was nt included while doing the regularisation nd i did nt take jamb form as the reason for nt on jamb list....pls sir,will dis affect me

  27. when is jamb regularization going to end

    1. jamb regularization is a continuos process, it has no fixed date to end

  28. Please sir, I was unable to process jamb regularization right now and I want to obtain Direct entry form this year of which I think it already out. Please help me sir

  29. PLs hw do i create new account for my jamb regulariation. it says You cannot create account at this time

  30. Can someone use the previous years direct entry profile to apply for this year?


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