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11 Questions on IN DEPENDENCE - Jamb 2017 Literature Text book

Question and Answer on IN DEPENDENCE – Jamb Literature Text Book For 2017

1.            Why do you think the novel was entitled In Dependence?
2.            Tayo is a scholarship boy. What are the details that inform us that his family, friends and teachers are very proud of his achievements?
3.            Tayo leaves Nigeria at a moment of great optimism following the country's independence, as you read the book, compare Tayo's trajectory with that of his country.
1.            What are Tayo's impressions of Oxford upon arrival? What are the striking differences between his home, his country and this old city and university? What, if any, are the similarities.
2.            The novel is set in the sixties. What do we learn about his era, both in England in and in Nigeria?
3.            The novel begins in 1963, three years after Nigeria achieved its independence, politics is very much in the air: how does Tayo engage with Nigerian politics when he is at Oxford?
4.            8. Ike says,'... independence came far too early' (p.29) What do you think leads him to this opinion?

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5.            9. Compare and contrast the characters of Christine, Vanessa and Miriam.
6.            11. Race is often seen as the main stumbling block in developing
7.            Compare and contrast Tayo's attitude towards Nigeria, his home, his family, his culture, and the politics of the country before he leaves for Oxford, and after he returns. How do you account for any differences?
8.            To what extent does being an outsider allow a person unique insights into a culture?' (p. 206) Consider's Vanessa's views as a journalist writing about Africa, what informs her values?
9.            16. Travel can open's one's mind, make one less judgemental, or it can do the reverse. Who do you think is the most broadminded character in the novel? Explain your answer with reference to the
10.          17. Sarah Manyika uses letters to move the story forward, but what else does the epistolary style achieve? Supplement your an- swer with examples from the text.
10.          17. Sarah Manyika uses letters to move the story forward, but what else does the epistolary style achieve? Supplement your an- swer with examples from the text.
11.          It is said of Tayo, 'If he had followed his heart, and not his head, he would have chosen differently.' (p.221) How true is this? Give reasons for your argument.

read the novel online here


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