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Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - From Chapter 1- 36 Quick Guide

This summary was prepared for 2018/2019 Jamb candidates whose registration has not yet started therefore the Novel is not made available to them. So you can quickly go through this summary to know more about the novel you will be reading for Jamb 2018/19. This write-up also contains list of characters. Also await our next article “possible questions from the novel
Table of content:
Chapter 1 to 36
Themes of the novel in dependence by by Sarah Ladipo Manyika
Role of Major Characters of the novel in dependence by by Sarah Ladipo Manyika

Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - from Chapter 1 to 36

Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter One
Tayo is the first Nigeria to receive a scholarship to study at Balliol College, Oxford. He visits his relatives in the village of Ibadan before travelling the next day to uncle kayode’s house, another relative in Lagos.
On the day he sets to sail, his parents, headmaster, some of his teachers and other Lagos-based relatives stands at the Lagos port to bid him goodbye.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Two
Tayo describes his journey through the seas and the warm reception he gets at England in a letter to his father. He mentions his new friends at the college and explains in details his perception of things in his new environment.
His father replies promptly, giving him precise report on the state of affairs in the family and the country.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Three
Mr. and Mrs. Barker, Tayo’s older friends invites Tayo and Africans for a drink party in their home. There he formally meet Christine Arinze with whom he develops a casual relationship.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Four
Vanessa attends a party with her friends. There, she meets Charlie and Mehul. She gets drunk and wakes up the next morning with a splitting headache. Vanessa takes up her pen to write an article for the school magazine but changes her mind to write to her friend Jane instead.
Chapter Five
In attendance for the West Africa Society meeting is Tayo, his friends and other college students. After the meeting, he introduce himself to Vanessa Richardson who is also in attendance.
Inspite of being a trifle jealous of Tayo and Vanessa’s chit, Christine invites him over to her place. She tells him about how she is struggling to maintain her academic excellence amongst other things. He console her and assures her that she will excel like she’s always done.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Six
Tayo and Vanessa goes for a walk in the direction of the meadows. They talk on various issues ranging from Malcolm X’s visit to oxford to Tayo’s father’s duties during colonial admission as well as Vanessa’s father and grandfather’s involvement in colonial services.
They outrun each other to a country pub where they bought drinks. They leave early because two men spill their drinks and Vanessa declines Tayo’s offer of another one.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Seven
Vanessa goes back home for the Christmas holiday. She receive a not so warm welcome from her family as the atmosphere between her parents is strangely cold. At dinner, she has a misunderstanding with her father about his inviting apartheid friend to the Christmas party her African friends will also attend.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Eight
Tayo arrives Aberleigh, Vanessa’s home in London for the Christmas party. Aside from being mistaken for a servant by one of mr. Richardson’s friend, everything else goes smoothly.
Vanessa visit Tayo in the room he is spending the night in. They talk briefly on the demeanor of her parents and Tayo discuss his mother at Vanessa’s prompting.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Nine
Tayo and Vanessa spend everyday of the week together and on Friday, she bring him daffodils to brighten up his room. Tayo shares one of his family photograph with Vanessa and the latter makes assessment of each member herself.
Vanessa on the other hand shares her worries about being on African correspondent considering her British lineage. Tayo reassures her that Africa needs good journalist; British or African can then pull her close for a dance.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Ten
Tayo and Vanessa spends Easter in Paris’ with Simon and Nima. Tayo gets his first writing journal from Vanessa where he documents their stay in Paris from the first day. There, they live the Bohemian life – all four of them. A day before the completion of their holiday, Tayo gets a telegram that Christine is dead. While Tayo grieves for her, he also blames himself for not being sensitive enough to her needs as a friend.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Eleven
Vanessa and her family visits France to the Bastille holiday. Jane, Uncle Anthony, Mr and Mrs. Murdoch joins them in France. They engage in conflicting talks considering Uncle Anthony and Mr. Richardson’s ever opposing views. Later that night, Jane confess to sleeping with Uncle Tony on their way home from the train station and Venessa also tells Jane about her relationship with Tayo.
Chapter Twelve
Vanessa writes to Tayo describing the weather in France and expresses her opinion on the margery Perham’s review he is working on. Tayo replies and fondly relates his experience so far in Bradford with his cousine Tunde where those who aren’t on scholarship like him have to work long hours to make end meet.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Thirteen
At Tunde’s house in Brandford, London. Tunde and Yusuf decides to hold a party in honour of Gambia’s independence. Yusuf and Tayo discuss the marriageability of either British or African women. The party is in full swing when Tayo finds himself pressing a lady to the wall. Suddenly he takes a punch to his jaw and a fight ensures.
A policeman arrives and takes them to the station for questioning.
Chapter Fourteen
Tayo decides against telling Vanessa the truth about his chpped tooth which he gets as a result of the fight in Bradford. He attends Yusuf’s wedding with Joy, where Vanessa later joins him. On their way back, Vanessa accuses Tayo of lying about his relationship with the late Christone. Tayo tries to cajole her from her outburst but Vanessa wouldn’t have none of it, so he leaves her in the carriage.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Fifteen
After their fight, Vanessa suggests they spend Christmas apart which Tayo promptly agrees to. He sets himself on a strict schedule and manages to survive alone until New Years Eve when he decides to make chicken stew. Vanessa walks in during his lousy attempt at cooking. They eventually settle their differences and spend the rest of the holiday together.
Chapter Sixteen
The New Year brings Tayo’s uncle, Kayode to England. Vanessa gets to meet one of his family members and they get on so well. They discuss various topics ranging from Tayo’s sporting prowess to Annais Nin, a writer of erotica. Vanessa concludes that she’ll love to meet the rest of Tayo’s family with Uncle as loving as that.
Chapter Seventeen
With a first-class degree and a graduate scholarship, Tayo gets a chance to speak at Bellamy Boy’s School where Mr. Richardson works as a headmaster. His lecture is solely on Nigeria and it makes a big hit in the school.
Mr. Richardson invites Tayo to his office after his lecture and tells him on clear terms his views on Tayo’s relationship with his daughter. Tayo returns to college sullen and Vanessa asks him what the matter is. He tells her father is not in support of their relationship to which Vanessa asks him to fight for them if he truely loves her.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Eighteen
Tayo is back in Ibadan, Nigeria due to his father’s critical illness. He tries unsuccessfully to write to Vanessa due to his incessant pleading for more details of Englad. While ruminating on what to tell Vanessa in his letter, Tayo is called outside his room to hear the news of unsuccessful coup to kill Ironsi.
This leads to unrest in some parts of the country but Tayo reassures the people, telling them not to panic.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Nineteen
Tayo sends Vanessa a letter after a long while apologising for his long silence. He attributes it to his father’s second heart attach, the coup d’ etat and the civil war.
Vanessa leaves for Lagos after her exams, ignoring Tayo’s telegram telling her not to visit yet.
After their loving reunion and Vanessa getting familliarized with the Lagos, Tayo tells Vanessa another woman is carrying his child. Vanessa, devastated, leaves.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Twenty
1970 at Dakar, Semegal, Vanessa now works as a correspondent for Reuters. She makes friend with Salamatou a Senegalese who braids her hair and teaches her the local language, Wolof.
Salamatou asks her about her love life. She touches briefly on Tayo, explaining to her that she’s since move on.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Twenty One
In 1984, Tayo is a husband to Miriam and a father to Kemi. He is also an accomplished writer and a professor. One Sunday a month, they have lunch with friends at Yelwa club. There, they discuss various issues concerning the country and universities. After Lunch, Yusuf advises Tayo to limit the way he criticizes the government and Tayo tells him there’s nothing to worry about.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Twenty Two
Tayo recalls how nhe ends up with Marriam and Flips through Vanessa’s diary that he keeps in his drawer. Kemi, his daughter catches him unawares and chides him that he works too hard. Eventually, father tells daughter a story and they are joined by Mariam before they all go to bed.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Twenty Three
For the summer holiday, Tayo and his family decides to spend three weeks, Uncle Kayode’s in Lagos his mother and other relatives in Ibadan. Despite Miriam’s objection, Tayo visits an old man who serves Lord Lugard during his reign in Nigeria, instead of visting his mother in Ibadan.
On his return, he learns that his mother dies in a fatal accident while coming to Lagos to visit him and his family.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Twenty Four
Six months after the death of Tayo’s mother, the coup to overthrow the democratic rulers by the millitary takes place successfully. The people’s optimism quickly dies out when the millitary administration proves to be the as corrupt as the preceding rulers and this leads to lots of unrest and protests.
Admist the unrest, Miriam advises that they leaves Nigeria for England but Tayo objects claiming his loyalty to his country and wouldn’t let him.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Twenty Five
In 1990, Tayo’s hopes for improved educational system is dashed when a foundation that promises to help provides only second-hand books and old software programmes that can’t be used due to lack of computers. Miriam and Kemi leave for England the previous year.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Twenty Six
In 1994, Tayo on his way back from his office meets soldiers who has mount up road blocks in order to inspect citizens or collect bribes. Tayo is surprised they do not ask him for money but instead they take him to the barracks for questioning. He is severely beaten and ask to stop his critical writing against the government.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Twenty Seven
Tayo meets vanessa for the first time after their break up, during his tour of England while promoting his new book on Lord Lugard. After the seminar, they both catch up on each other’s lives. At the end of the evening, Tayo asks if he would kiss her but she politely declines, saying she would miss her train.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Twenty Eight
Vanessa sits at Broadwell Park reminiscing on her meeting with Tayo during his book tour. She revisit the past and dwells mostly on how she finds herself marrying Edward Barker, Tayo’s friend in Oxford. Later that evening, Vanessa receives Mandelo’s ‘Long walk To Freedom’ as a wedding present from her husband.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Twenty Nine
Tayo writes to Vanessa where he expresses himself freely like the old times. He shares his opinion on the role of artists in his letter. Vanessa earnestly implores him in her reply to be careful in his fall prey to the hands of military rulers. Tayo replies to her complaints about her failures as a mother by reasuring her she is a good mum and also tells her about his imperfections as a father and a husband.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Thirty
Vanessa drives Suleiman to the airport where he leaves for Senegal, his home country. Vanessa is heartbroken with the way they part and worries about him constantly. She bares her heart in a letter to Tayo, expressing her sadness and longing for what could have being. Eventually, she decided not to send it.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Thirty One
Vanessa visits her father, Mr. Richardson, who is now old and lives in the Carrington Home for the Elderly. With her father is murdoch and Mrs. Halliday. After the brief visit, she buys a fitting skirt in preparation to meet Tayo at the airport the next day. Unfortunately, Tayo is not on the list of those on the expected plane.
Chapter Thirty Two
On Tayo’s way to the airport, his plan to visit Englad for a long while fails as he is involved in a ghasly accident orchestrated by the Nigerian military.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Thirty Three
After Tayo’s survival of the accident that lost the life of his driver, Abdou, he resorts to living at Kemi’s apartment in San Francisco. There she works as a nanny to fund her artistic pursuits.
Kemi sensing her father’s depression suggest that he sees a therapist. Tayo promptly refuses, saying he doesn’t need one. This outburst dregs up the ugly past making father and daughter exchange harsh words. Later that night, they apologize to one another.
Chapter Thirty Four
Vanessa, after the death of her father, tries to publish his manuscript. She finds out interesting news on the period of their stay in Nigeria as a family. She speculates on different twists to what leads to her mother’s early departure from Nigeria. She reconciles with Suleiman, her son, who on his return to England promptly apologizes and resolves to start up a business.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Thirty Five
Tayo gets the opportunity to teach, which he does not appreciate initially but soon seems to enjoy. His legs heal completely, given to his long walks. He later recives a letter from the Nigerian president that states that he has being awarded a honoraby degree from oxford.
Summary of Jamb Independence Novel - Chapter Thirty Six
Family and friends gather for the occasion in the Sheldonian, England. Tayo, after receiving his award joins his family while Kemi introduces herself, miriam and some other family members to Vanessa and her son. Tayo and Vanessa later steals away from the party to have an alone time.
Themes of the novel in dependence by by Sarah Ladipo Manyika
The Theme of Love
Culture and Tradition

Role of Major Characters of the novel in dependence by by Sarah Ladipo Manyika

1. Tayo
Tayo is the protagonist/main character of the novel. He is an intelligent man but he always seems to do wrong. He tries to do the right thing, never wants to hurt anyone but in the end he does, especially the women in his life – and there are quite a number of women in his life that he hurts.
2. Vanessa
Vanessa, on the other hand, dreams of being a journalist writing on African issues, marrying Tayo and moving with him to Nigeria to start a new life. Unfortunately life gets in the way and a host of things prevent most of her dreams from coming true. She does end up achieving one of her dreams – being a world renowned journalist on African issues.
3. Christine
Christine is the Nigerian woman that first caught Tayo’s eye. Christine is shown as an opinionated woman that does not shy away from engaging men in intellectual conversation. However, this character is killed off too quickly in the novel and the reason for her death—suicide, was not very convincing. It was hard to picture Christine as a love struck and defeated woman who would kill herself.
4. Jane
Vanessa’s cousin who is quite outspoken about her sexual encounter.
5. Vanessa’s Father
He was a colonial master in Nigeria before 1960. He is against Tayo marrying his daughter and has refused to accept Vanessa’s adopted half-cast son. He seemed more racial against half-casts earlier in the novel confronting Tayo about his fears for a half-cast grandchild. It was later understood that his hatred for the blacks was as a result of an affair his wife had with a black man during the colonial era.


1. Inspector Adeniyi Ajayi:
2. Tayo’s father who was once a court servant and an interpreter in the native administration before joining the police.
3. Mr Jonathan Richardson:
Father of Venessa.
4. Mrs Elizabeth Richardson:
Mother of Venessa.
5. Mr Edward Maximilian Barker:
The one who welcomed Omotayo prior to the letter given to Tayo by Mr Faircliff.
6. Headmaster Faircliff:
Tayo’s Headmaster.
7. Mr Clark:
Tayo’s Mathematics Teacher.
8. Mr Blackburn:
British empire history teacher.
9. Bisi and Remi:
Siblings of Tayo.
10. Modupe:
Tayo’s Lover before going to Oxford at age 19.
11. Uncle Bolu also known as Uncle B:
Tayo’s uncle who loved drinking and women. And women also loved him in return.
12. Uncle Oluwakayode Ogundipe:
A Big Man in Lagos, who lived in a luxurious, a senior army officer before leaving for France to study Engineering. He was able to meet Venessa.
13. Helen:
Uncle Kayode’s wife.
14. Aunty Bayo:
Former girl friend of Uncle Kayode.
15. Mr Lekan Olajide from Ogbomoso on a voyage.
16. Mr Ibrahim Mohammed from Kaduna on a voyage
17. Mrs Isabella Barker: An attractive young Italian woman who preferred to be called “Isabella”.
18. Mr Ike Nwade: A student of History.
19. Mr Bolaji Ladipupo: A Law student.
20. Miss Christine Arinze:
A student of Modern language who later became Tayo’s girlfriend but had a misunderstanding with Tayo because he didn’t want a longtime relationship. She later on had Ike has her boyfriend. She died of drug overdose (Suicide).
21. Christopher Okigbo:
A poet and Omotayo’s teacher.
22. Venessa Richardson”
aka Moremi by Tayo to show her fighting spirit”: Tayo’s white Lady lover.
23. Gita from Kenya:
An English student.
24. Pat:
A Physicist.
25. Jane:
A Friend to Venessa a physicist also (whites).
26. Charlie and Mehul:
27. Simon:
The president of west African Student.
28. Francis:
From Ghana who was with the idea that independence came far too early for africans
29. Maynes Keynes:
Venessa’s grandpa was in the colonial service Juma and Saratu? Are they cats?
30. Lord Lugard:
was once the governor of Hong kong before coming to Nigeria and he also became our governor in the year 1914
31. Nancy Murdoch and Mr Murdoch.
32. Uncle Tony:
who had s*x with Jane.
33. Madam Pagnole.
34. Chinua Achebe:
things fall apart and No longer at Ease.
35. Nkrumah:
The first president of Ghana and Senghor of Senegal Kenyatt.
36. Tunde:
the cousin of Tayo who works in the bakery.
37. Yusuf Abubakar:
who works in the hospital. HE believed white women were only meant for friendship but not for marriage with his genuine reasons.
38. Joyce:
Yusuf’s white girlfriend who said he hasn’t heard Yusuf speak Nigerian before and then Yusuf replied her: you daft one, no one speaks Nigerian.
39. Mr and Mrs winter:
across the road at Bradley
40. Joy Williams:
The black WOMAN Yusuf got married to.
41. Anais Nin:
The first British erotic writer.
42. Nigerian coup d’etat and Biafran war.
43. Salamatou:
an hairstylist in Dakar, Senegal who died in a motor accident
44. Jean Luc:
A French who had promised to marry Salamatou but ran away after he got to know she was pregnant.
45. Miriam:
A nurse, whom treated Tayo’s father and got pregnant for Tayo. Got married to Tayo and gave birth to Kemi.
46. Kemi:
Daughter of Tayo and Miriam
47. President Shagari.
48. Mr Akin: A carver.
49. Wole Soyinka:
Okri the Booker.
50. Aureol:
51. Dogun Dutse Mobile station.
52. Samir:
From Bradford.
53. Suleiman:
Salamatou’s son hence Venessa’s adopted son. A Muslim he became and a drop out from Cambridge.
54. Abdou:
The driver who was taken Tayo to the airport before an accident occur.
55. Laurent:
Kemi’s boyfriend.
56. Danjuma:
The gardener.
57. Professor John
Harris: He is the man whom Kemi introduced to his father from the University.

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