Saturday, October 22, 2016

Top 3 Ways to Make Payment For NYSC Call-Up Letter Using Remita [ Screenshot ]

How To Make Payment For NYSC Call-Up Letter And Track It If Successful or Not, Using Remita Plat Form

Visit nysc portal  and click on the red button [Click Here to Login]

On your nysc portal dash board, click on the button [Click Here to Make Payment]


Payment Options
Click on the Remita logo image


Payment confirmation Details
Take note of your Transaction ID, we shall need it later to verify if payment has be received or successful.

Click on the button [Proceed To Payment>>]

Remita Payment Page

- To make payment using pay now with card or wallet
To make payment using debit card, use the option Pay now with card or wallet and select Nigeria local cards.
Click on the card log
Click on proceed to continue
Enter your correct card detail to make payment

- To make payment using Pay now with Internet banking
For those that has zenith bank account and access to token, you need not worry about your atm debit card detail
Just click on the zenith bank logo

nysc zenith bank

Enter your Account Number
Type in your pin plus the number generated by your token and click on the Login button

The next page will display remita biller name and its account number ( National Youth Service Corps NYSC – 051300300100; Description - Callup/Exclusion Letter Priting, Amount charge in Naira; RRR Code

Select the account you want to used for the payment, and click on the button pay,

It will show you the following
Zenith Bank Remita Gateway
Service Error - Application Error, Error processing remita transaction.


Do not worry about that, payment has be initialized

You might receive debit alert on your phone, but it will take some hour for remita to receive your payment to activate it.

Log out and re-log in to your nysc dashboard
If you see the link click here to make payment, it means remita is yet to receive your payment
Wait for some hours and recheck back.

If you see only the link print slip, it means remita has receive your payment
Click on Print slip.

a page will load up, asking you to preview and download a pdf file, download the file, this file contain vital information such as your call-up Number, and the information you filled in previous.


How to Track your Nysc Remita Payment if successful or not

Visit the url

Type in, either your transaction id or the email address you used to sign up at nysc portal and click on Continue

If payment is Successful - it will indicate Success (Used)
What it means - you need not make payment- everything about the payment is successful

If payment is pending - it will indicate Pending (not used)
What it means -payment is yet to be received, please check back later

If payment fail - it will indicate fail (not used)
What it means - payment did not go through, re-initiate payment.

To see each transaction id payment detail clicks on re-query or get status

Once your notice it is successful, log into your nysc portal and click on print slip

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