Tuesday, December 12, 2017

How To Reprint NYSC Redeployment Letter or Relocation Letter (Approved Ways)

Welcome!, In this tutorial, I will show you how will be able to reprint NYSC redeployment Letter or Relocation Letter if by one means or the other your where unable to get the first print out after you have submitted or you misplace the first print out.

NYSC Redeployment Letter or Relocation Letter Reprint Login Requirement

The email address and password used for NYSC profile creation or signup
Software/App: PDF Reader to view the Redeployment Letter / Relocation Letter after downloading.

How to Reprint NYSC Redeployment Letter or Relocation Letter

Step 1. visit the NYSC Portal https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/resumePayment
Step 2. Login into your NYSC Profile Account after typing your username and password 
Step 3. On the NYSC Profile Dashboard, click on Relocation
Step 4. Scroll down and click on Print, close to Congratulations!!! Your Application has been approved.
Do not forget to make a copy for reference purpose

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