Friday, May 11, 2018

Image of Nysc Call-Up Letter Sample | What is NYSC-Call up Letter?

Considerable amount of online reader have asked us what Image of NYSC Call-Up Letter  looks like. The more fascinating part are messages from online reader abroad asking for Nysc Call-Up letter Sample. Perhaps someone has submitted a nysc call up letter somewhere and they want to verify what it actually looks like. Who knows?

What is NYSC-Call up Letter?

NYSC Call-up Letter is simply a print out document from nysc portal, used to confirm that one is eligible to participate in the National Youth Service Corps Scheme for One Calendar Year.

Here Is What Image of Nysc Call Up letter Sample Looks like

For the sake of answering this question, Here is an Image in png format of NYSC Call Up letter. A quick entry on Google will bring out a lot of results in Google Images.

Please Note:
i. It is an offence to serve more than once in the NYSC scheme.
ii. Prospective corps members are prohibited from bringing automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles etc. to camp.
iii. That your one year of continuous national service begins from the date you report for service at the orientation camp.
iv. Prospective corps members are reminded that national service is about service to the fatherland; therefore they need to accept their deployment to any state in good faith. However, relocation is granted only to married women, to enable them join their husbands, and those with life threatening ailments.

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