Monday, April 16, 2018

How to Check NYSC Call Up Letter - The Right Way

Welcome!, In this tutorial, I will show you how will be able to check nysc call up letter or reprint it, if by one means or the other you misplace the first call up letter printed out for you.

NYSC Call Up Letter Checking Requirement

The email address and password used for the creation of nysc profile creation
Software/App: PDF Reader to view the nysc call up letter after downloading.

How to Check NYSC Call Up Letter

1. Visit the nysc portal and click on login.
2. On the login portal page, type in the correct email address and password you used to signup during nysc registration.
3. Click on the resume botton to initiate login.
4. Scroll down and click on the green button "Print Call Up Letter"
How to Check NYSC Call Up Letter
5. Wait for the pdf file to load, download and view it using pdf reader.
Images for nysc call up letter sample
6. Print a copy of it in colour.
7. Click on logout when done.

Thing to note after you have check or print out your nysc call up letter.

Ensure you print your green card slip, sign it and bring it to camp. It is compulsory for registration in camp.
You must NOT wear anything that can impede the capture of your fingerprints in camp e.g Laali ink etc.

i. Persons who studied In Nigeria should bring To camp: Degree HND Certificates Or Statement Of Results, Personal
Identity Card from Institution of graduation.
i. Foreign graduates should bring For verification, original copies Of ALL their uploaded credentials And travel documents including International passport.
ii. Foreign graduates are To ensure that academic paper(s) In Languages other than English must be translated into English accordingly; both versions must be presented For verification at the camp.
iii. Medical/veterinary Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Physiotherapists Nurses And Public Environmental Health graduates should bring their professional licenses Or certificates Of full registration issued by their professional bodies.
Note : Above Is for your information And necessary action.

Images for nysc call up letter sample

Images for nysc call up letter sample

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