Monday, January 12, 2015


Why do I have to cancel my jamb (utme) registration and re-enrolled.
If you made a mistake such as such as wrong date of birth, spelling of name(s) and local govt. of origin and you think that it will affect you during admission process (physical clearance).

Other reasons are
Mistakenly filled wrong exam location, and later calculated that the expenses involved to and fro is far more than buying a new form
Personal reason best know to you.

When is cancellation of registered form possible?
During the valid period of registration.

Is it only Jamb CBT center that can cancel my registered form?
No. if you have the details listed below you can do it yourself.

Information you need to enable the cancellation of your utme registration
1. Your jamb (utme) scratch card pin and serial number
2. The correct date of birth used in the processing of the form
3. Finger print scanner (Digital Persona)
4. Internet facility

Below are the step/procedure
1.Visit the website, enter your pin and serial number and click on sign in

2.  Click on Cancel registration

3.  Check on I accept the risk and want to run this application and click on run

4. Click on don't block

5. Place your thumb (right or left) on the finger print machine 

 6. Click on proceed >>

7.  A message show saying “Cancellation of Registration allows your to cancel your current credentials and registration, rendering the PIN invalid. However, if you wish to make a new registration you can do so by purchase a new card.
Click "Cancel Registration" button to cancel otherwise close this page now!!!"
to continue the cancellations, enter the correct date of birth used to register the form and click on cancel registration.

8. Click on ok.

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