Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Last Days at Forcados High School - Official Jamb Literature for 2015 CBT Examination

 The Last Days at Forcados High School -The official literature for 2015 JAMB Examination

Genre: Teen Fiction
ISBN: 978-0718157807No of Pages: 89 Size: 130 x 198 mm
Publication Date: 30th September 2013
Published by: Cassava Republic

Abayomi Hanif Mohammed
born in Lagos, Nigeria. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Lagos and is currently a junior resident doctor at Lagos University Teaching Hospital.
The Last Days at Forcados High is his first book.

  1. Jimi Solade way wards brother Wole is back to the house; a night before Jimi's resumption from the Summer holidays.
  2. First day at school after the summer holidays at Forcados High School
  3. Coker Efua, the new beautiful 'Mysterious' girl, resumes at Forcados College
  4. Jimi Solade joined his brother to a bar - drinks alcohol.
  5. Efua Cokers is the subject at Forcados College. Jimi Solade having a crush for the new girl; she is not paying him attention. What becomes of Caro - Jimi's girlfriend? Will he abandon her for Efua. Find out this and more by obtaining a copy of The last days at Forcados College
  6. Coker pays Nene a visit.
  7. Ms Agbenenovi, a youth corp member resumes her primary assignment at Forcados College.
  8. End of term activities at Forcados College.
  9. A bleak moment for Jimi and his family. Mrs Solade diagnosed of Cancer.
  10. Jimi finally gets some attention from Coker Efua. How did it happen? Find out from Chapter 10 of The Last days at Forcados College
  11. Mrs Solade Dies of Cancer.
  12. Mr Solade travels abroad, leaving Jimi and his brother Wole alone in the house.
  13. Nene get jealous of the attention Efua seems to get from Jimi and her visible acts of concerns towards Jimi
  14. A controversial entry in Efua diary subjects her and her favourite teacher "Novi" to scrutiny.
  15. Efua gets a one week suspension from the Forcados College and Corper Novi redeployed
  16. Nene visits Efua in the hospital. Begs for her forgiveness. In the process of reconciliation, Efua reveals the genesis of her hatred for boys.
  17. Jimi moves out of Ansa resident over their arguments over Jimi's ill treatment towards Efua.
  18. Forcados Chemistry lab broken into.
  19. Jimi Solade takes responsibility for the missing lab equipment. Efua stands by Jimi in his trying moments; she repaid his hostility and judgmental attitude towards her with love, good judgment. Ansa brushes his nervousness aside for once, "It can't be Jimi", he 'roared'.
  20. Jimi passed his final year exams in flying colours, gets a scholarship to study Electrical Engineering. Receives a letter from Efua. —End. 

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