Monday, January 1, 2018

Verification | Verify WAEC Result Online - it Important

Why It Is Important to Verify WAEC Result Online

Checking the validity and originality of WAEC O’level result has really become essential because of the impending danger of using a fake result. I want to share with you today a life experience and why you need to take WAEC result verification seriously.

Lekan a Graduate of Economics from a reputable university who also travelled abroad for his masters’ degree, came back home and landed a great job with a reputable firm, but one fateful day his story changed, behold, Lekan was sacked from his well-paid job,

His WAEC result was fake and his organisation had to let go of him when this was discovered during an annual verification exercise carried out by the company.

Whose fault?
Peradventure Lekan was just a victim of unforeseen circumstance, but how come the universities, embassy and even his organisation didn’t know this ab initio?

Many schools, corporate organisations, embassies and individuals have been a victim of accepting and employing candidates with fake WAEC result which has overtime cost them so much.

However, in 2012 the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) launched an online result verification portal that enables interested parties to authenticate results issued by the examination body.

The online portal is a solution that gives individuals, schools, tertiary institutions, embassies, employers and other interested parties the opportunity to check and verify WAEC results of candidates at anytime and anywhere in the world

This application can be used where validity of ordinary level results is required

Click here to verify WAEC result online

How does WAEC verification works

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Start verifying WAEC results online today!

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