Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 JAMB Direct Entry Online Registration Procedure For NCE|OND|HND|DEGREE

By following these eight (8) Simple Steps, you will be able to register 2015 Jamb Direct.

What you need, to start and complete the online registration
1. Scan White Background Passport Photography Coloured -15kb, not more than 3 months
2. Your Previous MPCE or UTME Registration Number.
3. JAMB Direct Entry Scratch Card Pin and Serial Number.
4. Finger Print Scanner (Digital Persona).
5. Internet Services.
5. Java Runtime version 1.6. or 1.7 only.

To be able to start and complete the online registration process, you need a username and password

Step 1.
Visit the website
Type in the pin and serial number,
Select the option > MPCE, UTME or Equivalent
Select the option of your choice > HND/OND, NCE, 1st or 2nd Degree
Type in your previous JAMB registration number
Click on Signup

jamb direct entry login page

Steps 2.
Enter your username and password and click on proceed

Steps 3.
Finger Print Capturing
A pre-load of your information from your previous JAMB registration number display
Re-enter/edit your date of birth if you wish to make changes to it.
Capture your left and right thumb print using the usb digital persona
if you made a mistake click on Start afresh, if not, click on proceed to continue
jamb direct entry finger print capture

Steps 4.
Finger Print Re-Confirmation
Re-capture your left and right thumb print
When done, click on proceed to continue
jamb direct entry recapture finger print

Steps 5.
Pre-load of your data from your previous JAMB registration number display
Enter your email address and gsm number
Upload your scan passport
Click on continue to proceed
jamb direct entry passport validate

Steps 6.
Fill in all the necessary information, when done, click on confirm to continue
jamb direct entry bio data

Steps 7.
Information Preview
Go through all the information you have filled in, if you found any mistake click on edit registration to make changes.

To re-start afresh, click on Discard
To Concludes your registration, and make your slip available for printing, click on Submit
NOTE: Modification is not allowed after submission
jamb direct entry page preview

Steps 7a
Click on submit,
To continue submitting of the form, Click on Ok

jamb direct entry infomation confirmation

Steps 8.
Registration Photo card
Print out at least two copies of your photo card after submitting.
jamb direct entry photocard

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